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What is in the Veloz portable pizza oven box

It’s only natural to be excited when your Veloz portable gas pizza oven arrives. But what can you expect when you come to unbox it? This guide reveals exactly what’s inside:

Pizza Oven Baking Stone

The first thing you’ll see, once you’ve carefully cut through the tape and opened the outer box, is the pizza oven baking stone which is contained within a protective flat square cardboard box. Lift it out and very carefully open it at one end. Inside, you’ll discover a protective plastic cushioned wrapper. Pull it out and remove your pizza stone. This special heat conductive cordierite pizza oven baking stone is highly durable and removable to make it easy to clean after use.

Regulator & Hose

Under the pizza stone box, you’ll discover a 37mBar UK propane regulator and hose. This strong 1.2m hose and regulator enable you to connect your Veloz portable gas pizza oven to a standard UK gas bottle via the 27mm diameter push on regulator. The Veloz is compatible with large propane tanks normally used with barbecues, as well as 1lb propane tanks along with a suitable adaptor.

Operating Manual

We won’t leave you scratching your head. Every Fuego Veloz portable gas pizza oven comes with a comprehensive Operating Manual that shows you precisely how to set up, operate and care for your Veloz portable gas pizza oven.

Matchstick Holder

Your Fuego Veloz portable gas pizza oven features an integral pulser ignition with adjustable temperature control. However, we also supply a long metal matchstick holder should you prefer to safely ignite your portable gas pizza oven using a match.

Veloz Portable Gas Pizza Oven

The last thing out of the box is a sleek, anthracite grey Veloz portable gas pizza oven. It has a commercial grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with a high-temperature resistant, powder-coated finish. Weighing in at only 12.9kg it measures just 64.7 x 39.9 x 34.8cm when all three foldable legs, which are perfect for easy storage, are extended.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The Veloz portable gas pizza oven is neat and compact, yet capable of reaching optimum heat in 10 minutes then cooking 12” pizzas to perfection in an ultra-fast 60 seconds. The pulser ignition (battery supplied) and adjustable temperature control wheel mean you are in control at all times.

Flame Safety Device

Finally, and reassuringly, a built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) protects you and your portable gas pizza oven. This will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on.


Joe Botham, Owner of Baratxuri Restaurant (Ramsbottom)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“Our Fuego wood oven has transformed our restaurant! As a piece of kit, it is extremely versatile and controllable, allowing us to roast all of our meats and vegetables in the wood burning oven as well as using it as a charcoal grill during service. The flavour of everything coming out of the Fuego clay pizza oven is incredible due to the amazing smoky, charred tones added to the smell and taste of everything that’s cooked in it. It is not expensive to run as all the kiln-dried wood we use heats the wood fired pizza oven pretty quickly and it retains its temperature really well, only needing to add logs to the fire a few times over the course of service.”

Joe Botham, Owner of Baratxuri Restaurant (Ramsbottom)
Claire & James, Owners of Thrush Nest Luxury Holiday Cottages (York)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“We wanted a traditional wood oven that ticked lots of boxes, for us it had to be made of brick for the authentic feel, have amazing functionality and great quality. Our Fuego clay pizza oven ticks them all. Our pizza nights are such a fantastic feature for the guests that stay in our holiday cottages and it’s a great way of bringing friends and family together for making those special memories. Highly recommended”

Claire & James, Owners of Thrush Nest Luxury Holiday Cottages (York)
Dominic Reeve, Owner Lord Stones Country Park (North York Moors)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“The traditional methods used within its construction and the unrivalled ability to retain heat have thoroughly impressed us. It has been a welcome addition to our BBQ and live music events. We cannot recommend the Fuego brand enough and it has been extremely popular with our chefs and customers alike.”

Dominic Reeve, Owner Lord Stones Country Park (North York Moors)