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Fuego Facts

Ancient secrets of the Spanish fire clay oven

Few people know that every Fuego outdoor pizza oven is wood-fired and made from a unique Spanish fire clay, known since Roman times for its incredible refractory qualities.

It’s this fire clay that makes any Fuego oven stand apart from every other commercial pizza oven, as they are able to reach optimal cooking temperature in only 30 minutes. They can also remain hot for longer, using less fuel.

Made from a secret mix of Spanish white and red clays, each clay oven we manufacture has a unique hand-made fire clay dome. This provides the refractory quality known since ancient times which was first documented as early as 1429.


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Put your mark on it

You don’t simply order a Fuego clay oven, you design it. You specify not only the size of your outdoor pizza oven you get to dictate precisely how it looks. You can choose a white or terracotta render, brick or rustic stone finish, or even one three colourful mosaics. Whether it’s a home pizza oven or commercial pizza oven, whichever finish you choose, it will really stand out on your patio or outdoor area.

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Artisan Craftmanship

Centuries old artisan craftsmanship

The dome of every Fuego outdoor pizza oven is shaped entirely by hand in the traditional way.

It takes a team of artisan Spanish craftsmen around 45 days to create just one Fuego oven dome. During its manufacture, the clay oven dome is built, entirely by hand, in up to 12 individual steps.

The clay oven domes are then left to dry for over a month before being baked in a kiln at 1200℃ for 36 hours. This gives each commercial pizza oven its incredible refractory properties and also prevents the shell from cracking during the cooking process. This is why each Fuego clay oven is inherently totally heatproof.


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Fast and Easy to Light

Every other outside pizza oven can take over 1 hour to reach cooking temperature. A Fuego wood fired clay oven is ready in just 30 minutes.

If you want an economical home pizza oven or a super-efficient commercial pizza oven, Fuego ovens need very little wood to light up, in fact, just 6 to 8 pieces of kindling and 2 to 3 medium size logs of hardwood will be enough to get the clay oven fire roaring.

The main purpose of the fire is to create a live flame that heats the outdoor pizza oven dome. Our clay oven domes can reach up to 200℃ in just half an hour – that’s half the time of any other outdoor pizza oven.


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Easy to light
Built for people

Built for people who love being in control

You control the temperature of your clay oven by adjusting the air vent on the top or by opening the cast iron door.

The high-quality temperature gauge provides precise readings up to 500℃. Watch as the thermometer moves to the desired temperature as you make adjustments. Open the vent and door of the home pizza oven to allow more oxygen to reach the fire and increase your temperature. Simply close the vent and door to reduce the airflow and stabilise the temperature of your Fuego clay oven.


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60% less fuel. 100% more fun.

A Fuego outdoor wood burning pizza oven is significantly more entertaining and fuel-efficient to use than any other pizza oven. The precise regulation of airflow and insulated clay means you can enjoy fuel savings of up to 60%. Thanks to the incredible refractory qualities of our fire clay, a Fuego wood fired pizza oven uses less wood to reach cooking temperature in less time than other clay oven. They can return to temperature very quickly between uses by adding a surprisingly small amount of wood. A Fuego outdoor pizza oven can also hold its heat for longer. One stoking of wood will keep a Fuego oven hot for several hours after use, as opposed to a few hours for any other wood burning oven. Being economical has never been so much fun.

Fuel saving

Cook with Spanish passion

Whether you are looking for a commercial pizza oven or home pizza oven, the Fuego cooking experience is so exciting. Multiple cooking methods open up endless possibilities. A Fuego outdoor pizza oven can roast meats, fish or vegetables. It can smoke anything, pan cook paellas and soups and even plancha cook fish and delicate foods. Plus barbecuing over charcoal, slow cooking meat or stews and even baking fresh bread. The flavour that a wood fired outside pizza oven gives to your food makes a difference that you can really taste.

Dining Fuego Style

There’s no better way to bring family and friends together than alfresco dinning. A Fuego wood fired clay oven creates an wonderful focal point that makes you and your patio or garden the envy of your friends.

It’s on a totally different level to a barbecue. A Fuego outdoor pizza oven is a contemporary artisan classic that is 100% authentic. It’s a unique, bespoke and highly flexible cooking facility that expands your cooking repertoire. One that adds real drama to entertaining and genuine value to your property.

When you own, and have cooked with a Fuego clay oven, you can never imagine being without one.


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Joe Botham, Owner of Baratxuri Restaurant (Ramsbottom)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“Our Fuego wood oven has transformed our restaurant! As a piece of kit, it is extremely versatile and controllable, allowing us to roast all of our meats and vegetables in the wood burning oven as well as using it as a charcoal grill during service. The flavour of everything coming out of the Fuego clay pizza oven is incredible due to the amazing smoky, charred tones added to the smell and taste of everything that’s cooked in it. It is not expensive to run as all the kiln-dried wood we use heats the wood fired pizza oven pretty quickly and it retains its temperature really well, only needing to add logs to the fire a few times over the course of service.”

Joe Botham, Owner of Baratxuri Restaurant (Ramsbottom)
Claire & James, Owners of Thrush Nest Luxury Holiday Cottages (York)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“We wanted a traditional wood oven that ticked lots of boxes, for us it had to be made of brick for the authentic feel, have amazing functionality and great quality. Our Fuego clay pizza oven ticks them all. Our pizza nights are such a fantastic feature for the guests that stay in our holiday cottages and it’s a great way of bringing friends and family together for making those special memories. Highly recommended”

Claire & James, Owners of Thrush Nest Luxury Holiday Cottages (York)
Dominic Reeve, Owner Lord Stones Country Park (North York Moors)

My Fuego wood fired pizza oven...

“The traditional methods used within its construction and the unrivalled ability to retain heat have thoroughly impressed us. It has been a welcome addition to our BBQ and live music events. We cannot recommend the Fuego brand enough and it has been extremely popular with our chefs and customers alike.”

Dominic Reeve, Owner Lord Stones Country Park (North York Moors)